Tactical Kali

Life - Success - Good Health


Welcome to Tactical Kali. Tactical Kali is an innovative concept combining the Philippine martial art of Kali and a no nonsense practical application to human performance. Kali is a devestating form of martial art that traditionally focused on the use of bladed weapons. When Spain colonized the Philipines in the early 1500's, they banned the use or carry of bladed weapons. The Filipinos hid the art of Kali in the flowing artful dances, the parttern of the basket weaving, and the practice of the blade using rattan sticks. Because of this adaptability anything can be a weapon in the hands of the practitioner. We call this concept, " commonality of movement."
There are many methods of instructions with the goal of attaining performance needed to be successful in military, law enforcement, correctional setting, private security, or personal self protection.  We believe a seamless training concept from empty hand application, to baton, edged weapon, or firearms will increase your ability to react faster and be successful.  Commonality of movement in training helps bridge the gap needed when choosing the appropriate and reasonable force option.

Tactics and techniques are important. But, proper mindset carries us forward to success when others may give up and fail. Grandmaster Leo Gaje of the Pekiti Tirsia System has three concepts he believed were important to the success of the Filipino warrior. The warrior did not believe in death but believed in life. The warrior does not believe in failure, only success. And finally the warrior does not believe in sickness but good health.  Because of this mindset, Kali is the only martial art today where a firearm was developed to stop the attacking warrior. The 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol was developed.

Tactical Kali has taken the same philosophy and made it the core in our training philosophy.

We believe in life,

We do not believe in death.

Our belief in life is supreme and permeates all aspects of our being.

We believe in success,

We do not believe in failure.

We commit ourselves to success in every action.

We believe in good health,

We do not believe in sickness.

Health and longevity is our primary maintenance.